Powerful tools to get the job done, wherever you are

With SeeSnap’s clever features, you’re equipped with all the tools you need on a daily basis.


Let smart photos tell the whole story

Now you have a simple way to precisely define what needs to be done

SeeSnap lets you draw onto photos to add context and place the focus on the problem, making your photos simple to understand.


Draw onto your photos to highlight areas that need extra attention.


Add a note to explain your annotation and the work that needs to be done.


Annotations come in multiple colors and styles to suit your company’s look and feel - giving you that professional edge.

Add & edit

Update your annotations at any time. You can always add new annotations or delete existing ones whenever you need.


Get the word out to everyone at once, and know it's seen and understood

Rather than sending 20 texts and checking up on them, send one single announcement to notify everyone in a certain channel or your entire space of essential information.

The recipients of your announcement will be notified, and prompted to acknowledge it - letting you know they got your message and understood what you’re saying.
Or, they can use the updates & comments thread to get the clarification they need.

Your announcement will automatically generate an activity log. This lets you know who has acknowledged it and when they’ve done so.

Notifications and progress updates

Get details when you need them

With notifications and progress updates, you don’t have to chase down your team for information. You’re always looped in on the progress of work and who’s working on what and when.

Snap statuses answer the question of who, what, where, and when. With one quick glance, you’re entirely in the loop.
Enable notifications to let SeeSnap inform you of everything you want and need to know. From new snaps, to announcements, mentions, and direct messages. Turn them on or off as you see fit.

Watermarks and before & after

Showcase your craftsmanship

Visualize progress effortlessly

Seeing is believing. With SeeSnap's before & after comparisons, you’ll never wonder if the job has been completed properly.

And who doesn’t love a beautiful before and after comparison? Showcase it on social media to let everyone know what you can do. SeeSnap’s professional photos give you that wow factor and set you apart from competition.

We also don’t want others to steal your credit. Soon, you can upload your logo to your space and all your photos will automatically be watermarked with it - making sure credit is given where it’s due.

Comments and direct messages

Have just one conversation instead of 10

Have the right conversations in the right place - saved forever. Every snap and announcement has its own updates and comments thread so that teams can talk about the work in one place.

Do you need to talk to a specific person? Use a direct message to keep the conversation separate and confidential.

More features to make your job easier

Spaces and channels

Get your work out of unorganized texts, messy camera rolls, and random phone calls. Organize it all under one roof instead.


Snaps are smart photos that know what to do, so it will be stupid easy for you to assign, track, and approve work.

Choose a more visual approach to problem solving

Start saving time and money with SeeSnap's smart photo workflow today.