Let smart photos do the work for you

Snaps are smart photos that let you assign, track, and approve work - all while recording visual proof at every step.

Take the admin work out of work

More than 1.9 billion deskless workers still use pen and paper or frustrating tech to track their work. And there's a big issue...

Field work requires too much admin work. Costing time and thumb pain.

Field workers spend time writing emails, texting, writing up notes or paper work orders, and transferring all that over electronically, just so we can all get paid.

Why not use your workers’ tech habits to your advantage? SeeSnap feels like using social media. It’s intuitive, user-friendly, and even grandpa can use it. Get your workers addicted to completing work like they are to social media.

The snap effect: how snaps slash your admin work

SeeSnap makes your photos smart

If a photo is worth a thousand words, a smart photo is worth thousands of dollars.
Every photo you add to SeeSnap becomes smart. They provide context, contain relevant data, and are searchable.

All smart photos are:

Attributed to a user
Date & time stamped
Labeled by content using AI

Document your jobs and cover your bases

We make sure your work is easily recorded at every step. With this visual proof, you avoid “he said, she said” conflicts, payment delays, or even worse… lawsuits.

Photos that take action

Simply take your smart photo, use our tools to clarify the work, and assign it to one or more people. Snaps contain everything needed to get the job done.

When your photos are smart, they save you time and money

Imagine assigning a job or work order and knowing it’s taken care of. This is the power of snaps.

You can assign them, check-in remotely to see the work in real-time, and approve the work when completed.

Walk me through a snap

The snap cycle is an easy and fast process that leads to exceptional results.

Snap it.

You have everything you need

Take a photo of a to-do and turn it into a snap.

Add annotations and a description
Set a due date
Include a location
Assign to one or more people

Your snap will appear for the assignee, labeled as [to do]. When they start work, your snap’s status changes to [in progress].

Track it.

Stay up to date, whenever and wherever

While your snap is [in progress], you’ll always know what’s going on through notifications and the snap’s updates & comments thread.

Add watchers to involve others
Leave comments to communicate
Upload additional photos to record every step
View the activity thread to see real-time status updates
Receive notifications when your attention is required

Complete it.

See a complete overview at a glance

Once your assignee has finished work, they upload an after photo to the snap. The snap’s status changes to [done] and a before & after comparison is generated.

Approve it.

Approve or deny in just an instant

Now that the snap is [done], it’s ready for your approval. The before & after comparison, along with the updates & comments thread, provide you with a complete overview of the work.

Did you approve the snap? Perfect! Its status will become [approved]. Did you have to deny the snap? It’s ok. Tell the assignee why, we’ll notify them, and the snap’s status will revert to [in progress] until they complete the job properly.

Document it.

Cover your bases with visual proof

Once you’ve approved your snap, it’s considered fully complete - all the work is documented. You can archive your snap to clean up the channel’s feed.

Don’t worry - archived snaps aren’t completely gone. You can still access them at any time.

Set it once and SeeSnap never forgets

Paper checklists for cleaning, routine maintenance, or other recurring tasks don’t remind you to do them. Nor do they provide any proof of work.

Turn those routine tasks into recurring snaps to automate them.

Schedule a task once, set it to repeat on a certain basis, and forget about it.
Get notified when the task is due, in progress, and completed - in real-time.
Visual proof is recorded, for you to approve or deny.

More features to make the job easier

Spaces and channels

Get your work out of unorganized texts, messy camera rolls, and random phone calls. Organize it all under one roof instead.


Draw onto photos and add notes to precisely define what needs to be done.


Get the word out to everyone at once and know it’s seen and understood.

See why others love us

We solve problems for all types of businesses with teams in the field.

Coral Beach Club

Having multiple properties spread across the island, I was constantly having to travel. That took a lot of my time, and my staff's time, but now that I have SeeSnap it gives me and our team the ability to see and approve work from anywhere. What a great tool!

Inez Y

Manager at Coral Beach Club
Adeo Inc

SeeSnap gives me the ability to manage 10 to 20 projects across multiple locations in real-time. It's like being there every day at every project from start to finish. I can spot and pinpoint problems or corrections that need to be made during a build, to ensure top-notch quality of work throughout the process.

Dan Razumovsky

Principal at Adeo Inc
Oyster Bay Beach Resort

I take pictures of everything, but before SeeSnap it was not easy to assign, delete, and approve photo-based work. Now it's a snap! SeeSnap saves us a lot of time throughout the day.

Ricardo Perez

General Manager at Oyster Bay Beach Resort

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