Keep work and communications in one app

Get work done faster by keeping work and communications in one place. No more jumping between emails & text threads.

What is a space?

Your space is your digital HQ

Bring together your teams, partners, and customers in a digital HQ.
From your space, you manage your organization’s people and the entire landscape of your organization’s work.

Private spaces
Private spaces will not display in search results, and can only be joined by invitation.

Protected spaces
Protected spaces will display in search results, and others can request to join.

Public spaces
Public spaces will display in search results, and can be joined by anyone on SeeSnap.

Know twice as much in half the time

Your space dashboard gives you a personalized, visual overview of your entire organization.
It keeps you updated on everything you need to know - such as tasks you want to track, new work photos, and important announcements.

From small teams to teams of hundreds

SeeSnap is designed to be scalable, it grows as you grow.
It doesn’t require specialized training and is quick and easy to set up and use.

What are channels?

Organize work and people into dedicated places

Within your space, work is organized into dedicated places called channels. Channels bring the right people together to work on the channel’s purpose. You can create channels for any task, project, team, location, or anything else you’d like - and add anyone to it.

Channels provide you and your team with a shared view into the work being done. With access to the same information in real-time, everyone in the channel stays up to date and can work in sync.

As you work in channels, they become an archive that gets even more useful with time. They let you find answers, get context and make better decisions without having to chase down people or photos.

The right information for the right eyes only

Public channels
Any member of your space can view and join a public channel, giving everyone access to the same information.

Private channels
Private channels are for matters that shouldn’t be open to all members. People must be added to a private channel.

With everything in its place, you worry less and get more done

Stop scrambling to find missing messages and forgotten photos. With SeeSnap you get smart photos that you can search for and find instantly.

Every photo is saved where it belongs, the moment it’s taken

Smart gallery

Every channel you create is accompanied by a gallery. It keeps company photos out of camera rolls locked away on other people’s phones. Photos are stored safely in the cloud, organized in the channel they belong to.

Smart search

Coming soon! Search for photos by user, contents, and more. No more endless scrolling and searching through messy camera rolls or albums to get the photo you need.

Smart management

See every photo the instant that it’s snapped. Spot something that requires attention? Assign the photo to whoever needs to take action.

More features to make your job easier


Draw onto photos and add notes to precisely define what needs to be done.


Snaps are smart photos that know what to do, so it will be stupid easy for you to assign, track, and approve work.


Get the word out to everyone at once and know it’s seen and understood.

Do you want to make your work easy as a snap?

We thought so. You don’t have to be Martha Stewart to keep your business organized. You just need the right tools.

Set up a space and start designating channels right now.
You’ll be amazed by the results in your work.