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No more going back and forth between job sites. No more pointless meetings with confused clients.

SeeSnap lets you do more of the things that make money and keep your business moving forward.

Assign, track, and approve work with snaps
Keep organized automatically
Create and manage cloud-based punch lists
Know when your team is onsite and on task
Give clients a window into the work

Do work faster and smarter

SeeSnap's photo management app uses artificial intelligence to make workflows visual so you can solve problems faster and simplify your day to day! The app connects the right people with the information they need to get any job done and gives them the ability to assign work, show progress and receive approvals.

Stay organized automatically

Channels bring order and clarity to all photo-based work — you can create channels for any task, job, project, and add anyone on the team to that channel. With the right people and photo information in one place, teams can add snaps, see work completed, make decisions in real-time, approve or deny work (from anywhere) and move work forward.

Track progress in real-time and approve work remotely

See the step-by-step details of what your crew is doing on a project. Snaps allow you to easily track progress of all your deliverables from anywhere. Follow snaps to see completion details without having to travel across town to each job site.

Keep a bird's eye view

Your SeeSnap space is the one place for your team, contractors, vendors, and even clients to come together and get work done. From spaces you can see and manage the entire landscape of your work.

Store everything in one safe place

From teams big and small, freelancers to enterprise companies, SeeSnap is your essential storage tool. If something ever comes up, you’ll have your bases covered with SeeSnap. All records of your work stay accessible, organized, and safe in the SeeSnap cloud.

Make collaboration more efficient with cloud-based punch lists

Create, track, and manage all of your punch lists using the SeeSnap cloud. Enable real-time conversations in the context of the work as it is being done, as well as immediate updates that keep everyone informed. All documentation is stored in a central location that only the right people can access. As the project progresses, all contractors, subcontractors, owners, and even the client, will have visibility into the project and know what to do.

Your team will love using SeeSnap

You can manage any construction project with SeeSnap.
It’s light and easy-to-use tech that feels like social media and works as hard as you do.

Coming soon on Android


Simplify your day by having complete autonomy over your photo-based workflows. SeeSnap software allows for asynchronous photo management across your teams, customers, and projects. Now your business can operate as dynamically as you do.


Assure your clients that their vision is being delivered to satisfaction by providing a window into the work. Give them access to work channels so they can feel included, provide feedback, and see what is happening when it is convenient for them.


Keep your workers on task and up to speed. SeeSnap makes it easier for subcontractors to get assignments, report progress, show proof of work, and use work photos to reconcile payments.


Empower the people who manage your work by giving them one place to oversee your projects from start to finish. SeeSnap works from any device so the people who you’ve trusted with managing your workflow can know what is happening at every turn.

Don’t you want to empower
your business?

Make confident decisions with accurate visuals

It’s all there in one place and everybody is happy.
Now workers can see the problem and so can you, so you’ll spend less time trying to figure out the solution. Now your whole team stays on the same page in record time. And better work means better results.

Manage multiple projects

Forget about disorganized group text messages.
Your pictures are smart now, so they contain the information your team need to get the work done and for you to approve or deny their work. You can quickly browse and search work by galleries and see all the notes, messages, progress, and details.

Manage multiple customers

Delight your customers by keeping them informed with a tool that is easy to use.
SeeSnap ensures your clients’ vision is implemented properly from start to finish by involving them in the process.

Manage many tasks, jobs, and work orders

Assign punch lists, track progress, approve or deny work, and stay up-to-date about everything. With SeeSnap you can view all aspects of any job from one screen that fits in the palm of your hand.

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Coral Beach Club

Having multiple properties spread across the island, I was constantly having to travel. That took a lot of my time, and my staff's time, but now that I have SeeSnap it gives me and our team the ability to see and approve work from anywhere. What a great tool!

Inez Y

Manager at Coral Beach Club
Adeo Inc

SeeSnap gives me the ability to manage 10 to 20 projects across multiple locations in real-time. It's like being there every day at every project from start to finish. I can spot and pinpoint problems or corrections that need to be made during a build, to ensure top-notch quality of work throughout the process.

Dan Razumovsky

Principal at Adeo Inc
Oyster Bay Beach Resort

I take pictures of everything, but before SeeSnap it was not easy to assign, delete, and approve photo-based work. Now it's a snap! SeeSnap saves us a lot of time throughout the day.

Ricardo Perez

General Manager at Oyster Bay Beach Resort

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