Maintenance easy button for short term rentals & hospitality

Smart photos ease repair reporting, keep preventive maintenance top of mind, and keep all communications in one place.

Maintenance easy button for short term rentals & hospitality

Smart photos ease repair reporting, keep preventive maintenance top of mind, and keep all communications in one place.

Simple repair reporting & tracking

Find something broken? Your location will put you in the right place to report it to maintenance.

Maintenance completes the job, changes the status to “done”, snaps an after photo, and it’s ready for you to approve with a click of a button. And you’re done!

Snaps contain smart photos, location data, and communications, and uses that information to remove the hassle of:


Save time scrolling through email and texts

All communications attached to each issue are all in a smart photo:

Paper forms

Notifications and progress updates

Location-based notifications make completing jobs simple

Your staff opens SeeSnap on-site and the app opens the channel for that location and shows all the tasks that are assigned to them.

Location is key to helping your staff track and ensure complete off maintenance or other hospitality tasks.


Draw the issue instead of text or email

Annotations give your team the power to say it without typing it.

Circle a drywall hole. Point to a tree to remove. Add measurements.
If you can describe it, you can draw it.


Draw onto your photos to highlight areas that need extra attention.


Add a note to explain your annotation and the work that needs to be done.


Annotations come in multiple colors and styles to suit your company’s look and feel - giving you that professional edge.

Add & edit

Update your annotations at any time. You can always add new annotations or delete existing ones whenever you need.

Verify, then trust it’s done

You trust your staff, however, we’re all human. Smart photos ensure no task is missed and neither are the details.

Smart photos are:

Attributed to a user
Date & time stamped
Labeled by content with our software

Make SeeSnap work for you

We want to make tool the best we can for your team, join our Customer Advisory Board today to help shape SeeSnap and get access to:

Free App Usage
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See why others love us

We solve problems for all types of businesses with teams in the field.

Coral Beach Club

Having multiple properties spread across the island, I was constantly having to travel. That took a lot of my time, and my staff's time, but now that I have SeeSnap it gives me and our team the ability to see and approve work from anywhere. What a great tool!

Inez Y

Manager at Coral Beach Club
Adeo Inc

SeeSnap gives me the ability to manage 10 to 20 projects across multiple locations in real-time. It's like being there every day at every project from start to finish. I can spot and pinpoint problems or corrections that need to be made during a build, to ensure top-notch quality of work throughout the process.

Dan Razumovsky

Principal at Adeo Inc
Oyster Bay Beach Resort

I take pictures of everything, but before SeeSnap it was not easy to assign, delete, and approve photo-based work. Now it's a snap! SeeSnap saves us a lot of time throughout the day.

Ricardo Perez

General Manager at Oyster Bay Beach Resort

SeeSnap is the last app you’ll need for maintenance

Smart photos allow your staff to report, track, and communicate maintenance items efficiently without switching between many apps.

See it. Snap it. Done.

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