COVID-19 Response

Dear SeeSnappers,

"We can all do well, by doing good.”

At SeeSnap, this phrase is part of our mission statement to bring inspiration and innovation to everyone in the world. It’s a reminder that our mission encompasses everyone on the planet. It also holds the message that we all have to do more, collectively.

Right now, as we face daily reminders of our humanity, our mission remains the same. And we're responding to the call by providing our users with a free version of our product. Our touch-free solution enables small business owners up to 10 users to use SeeSnap for free, and our entry-level pricing is now $12 per user per month on a yearly plan. In addition, your company can start free betas with us at any time in 2022 by joining our Customer Advisory Board.

For your organization, we encourage you and your companies to explore our options. It enables you to work smarter, stay touch-free, and encourages social distancing rules provided by the CDC. We share this to let you know that we’re trying, like all of us, to do our part.

Because if this moment has taught us anything, it’s that problems don’t solve themselves, you need brave souls out of the front lines providing solutions to all. We’d like to think of our team as brave souls deploying touch-free solutions to help us all get through this time in history.

Kind regards,

Mr. Mark Russell Filaroski
Founder and CEO of SeeSnap

& our SeeSnap Team.