“SeeSnap's intuitive interface made onboarding a breeze"

Superintendent in NYC, New York

"With SeeSnap, my crews are saving 100 hours a week."

Construction Manager in Houston, Texas

"SeeSnap is a game-changer for project management."

Site Supervisor in Seattle, Washington

Having time/date and location stamped photos saved us $17k. SeeSnap ensures we are safe from frivolous lawsuits!

General Contractor in Denver, Colorado

"SeeSnap's photo documentation eliminates disputes and improves client communication"

Building Inspector in San Francisco, California


Seeing is Believing

The SeeSnap Web App offers a full suite of product to manage every contractor, sub, traders and customer need.

A birds-eye-view of all your snaps, sorted by their status, in columns. Easily change a snap’s status by dragging it to another column — it’s that simple.

A visual representation of the whole project’s timeframe, for each individual task, so you know who’s working on what — and when it will be done.

From PDF documents to Excel sheets, keep all project-specific documents in one place, accessible from anywhere.

Keep all project-specific documents in one place, accessible from anywhere

SeeSnap's Interactive Maps give every stakeholder an at-a-glance view into site work. Our AI automatically tags site photos with geographic coordinates and project data - pinning Digital Snaps to locations on interactive dashboards. Teams can toggle between list and map perspectives for task visibility. With our user-friendly mobile apps, field managers can assign, log and track work orders, punch lists, changes and more with just a few taps. All updates cascade across your network in real-time, keeping the right people aligned no matter where they are

Real-Time Oversight

Monitor every project from your desk. Track progress, view updates, and manage tasks in real-time, without ever needing to set foot on site.

Bigger Picture, Better Decisions

With a comprehensive view of workflows on a larger screen, make informed decisions quickly and effectively.

Always in Sync

Whatever happens in the field, happens everywhere. All of your photos, projects, and people are synced in the cloud.


Bring your stakeholders into each  project, effortlessly! 

Messaging applications, though prevalent, are not inherently designed to cater to the complex demands of professional work management. SeeSnap offers an array of specialized features that not only streamline field contractors' workflows, but also cater to the needs of desktop managers.

Workspace (your company)

Your company’s HQ in SeeSnap, housing all of your administration tools, billing, and users, making it simple to manage your businesses’ top-level activities.

Project (The job you and your team are working on) 

Effortlessly organize your team, workflows and assets for streamlined project delivery every time.With Seesnap Projects you can:

invite your team members, contractors and clients.

Build customizable checklists and workflows for each phase of your project

Log and manage smart photo-based work/change orders so everyone is aligned

Store all project documents and drawings in a centralized, cloud-based portal

Leverage real-time activity feeds and notifications to improve communication

Collaborate efficiently from anywhere on web or mobile

Easy Link Sharing

Share a direct link to a project, making it a breeze to invite your contractors and customers into your workflow.

Simple Team Management

Manage your team easily. Add the required people to a project in a matter of seconds.

Real-Time Notifications

Never miss a beat. SeeSnap notifies you instantly whenever there's a new work update.

Instantly assign smart photos

Snap a smart photo and add people to a task. track, approve or deny all work.

Pinpoint the issue

Draw onto photos to add context and place the focus on the problem.

Stay up-to-date

Get notified about status changes and updates, as they happen.

Approve & Deny

Get before & after comparisons and review the proof of work.

Payment Values

Add the total cost of the change required.

Add Customers

Get customer sign-off before starting the work.

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