and by professional contractors, subcontractors, and businesses nationwide.

You are master craftsmen, business owners,
supreme hospitality workers, and forgotten subcontractors.

We're building a better mobile-first software solution for you. Manage your entire jobsite in under a minute or less! 


App Jumping Ends Here. A clear scope of work and definition of done.

All photos, people, communication and project details in one place. This is also the beginning of your organizational structure.

Organize your work for each project.
Add your team, workers, and customers
create snaps as digital work orders, and automate workflows that are taking up so much of your time to manage
Create multiple channels to keep the right teams focus on the work that matters most.

Organize all projects, smart photos, people, and communication in one channel

Channels allow you organize each project. Invite team members, subcontractors, customers, and manage your entire project with digital work orders. Automatically get before & after photos each time a task is done.

Make Channels for workstreams, projects, or job sites.
Stop chasing down status updates and get real time views into work being done
Get a shared view into the work being done, for you and your team within one user interface.
Invite the people you need to keep workers focused and sensitive information safe in protected channels in real-time.

See it. Snap it. Done. ™

Use a smart photo as a starting point to create a digital work order (change order, ticket)

By taking a smart photo, you can enter the details in SeeSnap, which creates a digital work order. (Change order, ticket) Track each snap automatically. After the work is completed, you may either approve or deny it without traveling across town to verify the quality of the work.

We automatically capture the location, date, and time of work using metadata from our smart photo solutions which are saved for proof of work
Not all photos are snaps, sometime you just want to capture the work for CYA. Use our smart gallery make it easy to find job photos.
Identify, approve or deny, or make comments on work done from anywhere

Smart photos, digital workflow and messaging in one app

Designed for deskless workers that use their hands, SeeSnap simplifies your dependence on software and enables deskless work with our innovative "tap and snap" solution.

Show proof it's fixed

Confirm proper placement

Visually prove task completion

Manage short term rental repairs

Complete punch list items

Identify landscaping issues

Report structural damage

Identify flood damage

Assign property clean up tasks

Show proof it's fixed

Confirm proper placement

Visually prove task completion

See it.

Reconcile your workflow using one app through smart photos

Photo documentation of your work ensures quality and protects your company from payment disputes and delays. Avoid he said/she said arguments, late payment, no payments or even worse litigation with smart-photo proof of work.

Snap it.

Get work done in a snap or in a tap! 

SeeSnap allows you to see issues and instantly capture, document, annotate and assign work in real-time with just a photo.

In a snap, create digital work orders on the fly. easily assign, track and know when work gets done across your projects.

In a tap, click on assigned work orders, complete work, and simply take an after photos. Collaboration is easier without the hassle of paperwork, multiple applications and text messaging.


Get paid faster with documented and archived visual proof of work

Easily find photos by date, project, keywords, and worker names. Complete punch lists and close out projects remotely, saving windshield time.


Take the Bull**** out of managing all your jobs! 

Your jobs are completed as a team, our tool enables you to work more efficiently.

SeeSnap creates before and after photos automatically for every task. Have confidence the job was done to your standards, avoid potential claims, fraud, or delayed payments.

Built for workers that use their hands, our app enables you to type less and work more. You are a deskless worker. We enable your deskless work.



SeeSnap reduces the number of apps you use. Our construction management platform allows you to immediately identify work with smart photos. Send tasks to project contributors. Track everyone’s activity, catalog all work photos and notes in one app.

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Smart photos and messaging in one app

Built for workers that use their hands, our mobile app enables you to type less and work more. You are a deskless worker. We enable your deskless work and improve your client communication.

Assign Tasks

Data entry shouldn't require more words. SeeSnap’s smart photo solution allows you see the problem, snap a smart photo, and assign the work quickly. Construction project management improved through visual project planning to complete projects on time.

Track Work

From inspection to proposal, through completion of work -Track projects while scheduling work has never been easier. Location, time/date, and notes are automatically saved.

Before / After Comparisons

In-app work inspection and field team training from anywhere you and your workers are. A view of complete construction from beginning to end within our software solution.

Team Management

Management tools improved. Assigning tasks and issue work in-app while all team members receive personalized notifications specific to their assignments and job sites, for their position. This further enables task management by business owners and project managers.

Make sure work is completed on time, on budget, and to the highest standards

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