Get work done, without the extra work

Smart photos with SeeSnap will assign, track, and approve work on-site without:

Numerous emails
Searching through texts
Wasted fuel traveling to verify work

And all of the other admin nonsense that robots should do for us!

Coming soon on Android

How it works?

See it. Snap it. Done.

This is how you smarten up the way your teams in the field get work done and documented.

See it.

It all begins with spotting a to-do.

No matter the task, take a smart photo!
SeeSnap is your modern data entry tool
Our AI takes the guesswork out of work

Snap it.

Turn your to-do into a snap that contains everything you need.

What is a snap?

A smart photo that lets you assign, track, and approve work.


Automatically detect and include the location of the to-do.


Draw onto your snap and add notes to precisely define what needs to be done.


Assign the snap to one or more people and they’ll get notified instantly.

Due date & recurrence

Set a one-time due date, or create a pattern for your snap to recur.


Make accurate decisions in real-time, from anywhere.

Progress updates

Never wonder again about who’s working on what, where, and when - and what the progress is. With one quick
glance, you’re entirely in the loop and can be confident about what’s happening across multiple locations.


SeeSnap notifies you of updates the moment they happen. Track new to-do’s & progress updates,
approaching & missed due dates, approval requests, announcements, communication
updates, and more.

Approve & Deny

Before & after comparisons - along with a log of progress updates, photos, and communications - provide you with a complete overview of finished work.

Eliminate the need to travel to job sites, and approve or deny work in an instant - no matter where you are.

Photo-based work logs

We make it easy for you to document your jobs and cover your bases.
With SeeSnap, you avoid “he said, she said” conflicts, payment delays, or even worse… lawsuits.

Work & communication recorded at every step
Before & after comparisons
Visual proof of work

Smart photos

Our smart photos keep records intact, provide context & data, and are searchable.
Every photo you add to SeeSnap is automatically:

Attributed to a user
Date & time stamped
Labeled by content using AI
Saved where it belongs

Photo management

Our cloud-based gallery automatically organizes all your company’s photos and makes every photo easy to find.

Smart searching

Coming soon! Sort and search your smart photos by users, labels, locations, and more.
No more scrolling through camera rolls or searching through folders, texts, or emails to find the photo you need. 

Smart sharing

Photos are used in estimates, billing, claims, inspections, for proof of work, and so much more. Now, all your company’s photos are shared with the right people the instant they’re taken.

Smart storing

Each channel (project, location, or task) in SeeSnap has a corresponding gallery.
It makes sure photos aren’t locked away on other people’s phones, and instead stores them safely in the cloud, in the place they belong to.

Various photo formats

Soon, you'll be able to export your photos in many different formats and create beautiful photo reports in a snap - on both desktop and mobile.

Get the product you dream of

You are the reason we build our product. Our goal is to use our tech to offer you exactly what your business needs. If you can dream it, we can build it. 

Let us build the perfect product for you by reserving your seat in our Customer Advisory Board. You’ll receive exclusive benefits in exchange for helping us make SeeSnap even better. It’s a win-win.

See why others love us

We solve problems for all types of businesses with teams in the field.

Coral Beach Club

Having multiple properties spread across the island, I was constantly having to travel. That took a lot of my time, and my staff's time, but now that I have SeeSnap it gives me and our team the ability to see and approve work from anywhere. What a great tool!

Inez Y

Manager at Coral Beach Club
Adeo Inc

SeeSnap gives me the ability to manage 10 to 20 projects across multiple locations in real-time. It's like being there every day at every project from start to finish. I can spot and pinpoint problems or corrections that need to be made during a build, to ensure top-notch quality of work throughout the process.

Dan Razumovsky

Principal at Adeo Inc
Oyster Bay Beach Resort

I take pictures of everything, but before SeeSnap it was not easy to assign, delete, and approve photo-based work. Now it's a snap! SeeSnap saves us a lot of time throughout the day.

Ricardo Perez

General Manager at Oyster Bay Beach Resort

Make sure work is completed on time, on budget, and to the highest standards

Coming soon on Android